Crambid Snout Moth from Southern California

Subject: Mystery Moth
Location: Southern California
July 21, 2017 7:24 pm
Do you know the name of this moth? It was hanging on my house today, July 21. It is under 1″ in length. It looks like it should be on a tree.
Signature: Terry

Unknown Snout MOth

Dear Terry,
We are pretty confident this is a Snout Moth in the superfamily Pyraloidea, but we have not had any luck securing an identification on either BugGuide or the Moth Photographers Group.  Perhaps one of our readers will have more luck than we have had.

Thanks so much, Daniel. There’s a great website for it natural history in orange county California that UC Irvine sponsors, and that’s my usual go to.
But this moth was not on that site and was so distinct with those green eyes and that beautiful wood bark finish that I thought for sure someone be able to ID it. I am going to post it on my Instagram page and see if any of the avid insect people there can come up with an ID. If they do, I will get back to you.

Hi Terry,
We also checked that site and as you observed, there is no similar looking moth.

Karl identifies Crambid Snout Moth
Hello Daniel and Terry:
This is a Crambid Snout Moth, probably a White-trimmed Abegesta (Crambidae: Glaphyriinae: Abegesta remellalis); aka White-trimmed Brown Pyralid. It could also be another moth in the same genus, A. reluctalis. I can’t really tell the difference between them and both are found in Southern California. Regards, Karl

Thanks Karl,
The genus is also represented on BugGuide.

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