Planthopper from India: Eurybrachis tomentosa

Green bug on my passion flower plant
Location: Maharashtra, India
November 21, 2011 5:59 am
Saw this green and white striped bug on my passion flower plant. Cant see in the pic but it has red antennae. Its about an inch long.
Signature: Sukhie

Planthopper: Eurybrachis tomentosa

Dear Sukhie,
This is a Planthopper in the order Hemiptera, possibly in the family Fulgoridae, however, we were not able to find any matching images or an identification online in our brief attempt.  Planthoppers have sucking mouthparts and they feed off the juices found in plant stems, leaves and fruits.

Identification Courtesy of Karl
I believe this is a Eurybrachyid Planthopper (Fulgoroidea: Eurybrachyidae), a small Old World family of Planthoppers (according to Wikipedia). The India Nature Watch forum site has several pictures of what appears to be the same bug, identified as Eurybrachis tomentosa. Regards. Karl

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