Unidentified Orb-Weavers

What type of spiders, with bumps on their backs?
Hello there,
When my mom first started putting some plants in her greenhouse earlier this year, We found a couple of small spiders, which appeared to have 2 horns / bumps on their backs… After the plants were done in the greenhouse, and we moved them out out, we thought the spiders left, but it seemed one moved around to the other side of the house, and a couple others appeared…
They’ve grown quite a bit, and were curious to what type of spiders they are? They are about 15 – 20 mm big…
Today I caught 2 flies for each of them, They were really quite fast at grabbing them and spinning them into a ball.
I tried to attach a couple of different angles of pictures I took, so you could see the bumps on its the back.
We live in Hanna, Alberta 🙂
Thanks, Zac

Hi Zac,
Sorry I don’t recognize your species, but I can tell you it is from the group known as Orb-Weavers. These spiders build a classicly shaped web and wait for prey. Keep feeding them flies and they will grow to maturity.

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