Moth species?
Location: southern indiana
September 7, 2011 9:57 pm
Any idea on this moth species? The wings are rolled up on the moth as you see in the pic . thxs
Signature: BRIAN

Unknown Moth

Hi Brian,
Research takes time, and we are running late for work.  We are posting this as an unidentified moth and perhaps our readership will come to our assistance while we work a 13 plus hour day.

Update:  September 9, 2011
We haven’t had much time to research this request, and we are thankful to the two readers who submitted comments.  We believe this might be one of the Geometrid Moths in the genus
Pero as has been suggested by one of our readers and this example from BugGuide has the same rolled wing structure as the submitted photo.

Update:  September 9, 2011
With the newest comment to arrive, we believe this might be a Juniper Twig Geometer.  The photos posted to BugGuide are a very strong visual match.



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Location: Indiana

12 Responses to Unidentified Moth: Rose Hooktip or Geometrid???

  1. CarmenT says:

    I’m thinking it’s a Rose Hooktip.

  2. bugalaska says:

    To me this moth looks similar to, but not identical to some of these:
    So that might be a starting point.
    I am really not an expert AT ALL so I could be way off track.

    • bugman says:

      Thanks so much for submitting a comment. The link you provided saved us considerable research and it looks like it might be correct.

  3. CarmenT says:

    I’m sorry, I ought to have provided a link to support my belief that this is a Rose Hooktip.

    As you can see, the moth varies in color quite a bit, has minimally scalloped wing edges, and has the sort of “eye” like markings below the solid line that crosses the wings in addition to the hook shaped wing tips.

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for submitting a link. The bottom line is that we are just not sure about this identification and we hope that something conclusive is eventually provided. The coloration of this Rose Hooktip posted to BugGuide looks very similar to the photo Brian provided. We are updating the posting to include both possibilities.

  4. XindianaX says:

    With the info you all provided I think this moth is a Patalene olyzonaria, Juniper Geometer moth
    but not sure .thanks you & love the website. keep up the great work

  5. XindianaX says:

    my comment was missing the “twig”
    Juniper-twig Geometer Moth sorry

  6. XindianaX says:

    Find any moth or butteryfly by the county you live in thxs

  7. XindianaX says:


    • bugman says:

      Actually, Butteryfly is a lovely name. Here is a quote from Daniel’s book, The Curious World of Bugs: “”It is believed that the common name butterfly originated in England due to the fact that so many of these showy insects are yellow, the color of butter, and that they fly. It is also speculated that both the churning of butter and the appearance of butterflies indicate that spring has sprung.

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