Unidentified Immature Seed Bugs infest Lake Elsinore

Subject: what’s this bug-we have millions all over!
Location: Lake Elsinore, CA
August 13, 2017 8:32 am
Morning, was looking at your site and see alot about the red shoulder bugs, just want to make sure that is what we are dealing with. 2 days ago we had an infestation of millions of these bugs marching through our yard, on walls, fences, and all over the house! Have washed down the house but they just go right back on the walls, I have also gone through a fair amount of bug spray, but that is costly and may be harmful to my pets and family. I will definitely try the soap trick, because now they are moving into the house a few at a time, but do want to know if you think it is the red shoulder bugs I am battling, or we had found milk weed bugs/beetles as a possiblity, too, but nothing about the hoarding numbers that we have. Thank you, Doreen
Signature: Doreen Blake

Immature Seed Bugs

Dear Doreen,
These are immature Seed Bugs, and nymphs can be very difficult to correctly identify.  They look exactly like this unidentified submission from our archives that might be immature Whitecrossed Seed Bugs.  A different species of Seed Bug,
Melacoryphus lateralis, is discussed in this US News article on infestations in Lone Pine.  We are sorry, but the best we can do at this time is a family identification of Lygaeidae.

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