Meadow Katydid

Grasshopper with white head and yellow legs
January 19, 2010
I found this grasshopper in a marsh on the boardwalk about 30 miles west of Chicago. He stayed there for about a minute and then jumped off into the weeds. Any ideas? He’s one of the most beautiful grasshoppers I’ve ever seen.
Wheaton, IL 60187

Meadow Katydid

Hi Sam,
We are late for an appointment right now, and haven’t the time to research this request, though we do have time to post it.  Hopefully, one of our readers will be able to assist.  We have also requested assistance from Eric Eaton.  Your letter did not indicate when the sighting was made, and since there is currently snow in Chicago, we doubt if it was spotted this week.

Sorry; I think it was in July or August if that helps.

Correction courtesy of Eric Eaton
The “grasshopper” is a male meadow katydid in the genus Orchelimum, possibly the black-legged meadow katydid, Orchelimum nigripes, but difficult to be certain.  One needs to see a close-up of the tail end to get a species ID.

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