Subject: what’s this
Location: Denver, Colorado
July 21, 2012 9:40 pm
I can’t identity this bug. Photos were taken in July, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. I’ve seen several of these tiny bugs on the leaves of our sunflowers.
Signature: Mark Silverstein

What’s That Fruit Fly???

Hi Mark,
This is some species of Fruit Fly in the family Tephritidae, but we have not had any luck with a conclusive identification on Bugguide.  It does not resemble the images of the Sunflower Maggot Fruit Fly posted to BugGuide, though that would seem to be an obvious choice based on the location where they were found.

thanks for the prompt reply, and for narrowing my search down to the Tephritidae.

Unidentified Fruit Fly

Please let us know if you find an identification.

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Location: Colorado

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