Unicorn Beetle

Subject: Unicorn beetle
Location: Bluegrass area of Kentucky, USA
July 14, 2016 8:28 am
I found this beetle walking across a busy parking lot. Folks were kind enough to stop while I shot this picture, then move him to a grassy area. I grew up with The Golden Books as my teacher about nature, and they listed these as unicorn beetles. This one was shown as the male of the species (and a lovely one he is). Your site lists them as Hercules beetles. After 60 years of calling them “unicorns,” it’s going to be awfully hard for me to change. 🙁
Signature: Gin

Unicorn Beetle
Unicorn Beetle

Dear Gin,
There is no need for you to change, and we would never think of challenging the iconic Golden Books when it comes to terminology.  According to BugGuide, the Eastern Hercules Beetle is also called a Rhinoceros Beetle or a Unicorn Beetle.  We are even titling your posting Unicorn Beetle in the interest of expanding terminology.

Thank you! Change at my age is…difficult. 🙂 I shall continue to call them unicorn beetles.

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