Subject: Awesome moth
Location: Hudson valley New York
September 15, 2015 5:06 pm
Saw this red butterfly fly past me and land and I noticed it didn’t land like a normal butterfly and upon further inspection it wasn’t a butterfly at all or red. It was an all como’d out moth. Please identify this for me it really took me by surprise and really intrigued me.
Signature: Stephen bock

Underwing Moth

Underwing Moth

Dear Stephen,
You are correct that this is a moth.  Underwing Moths in the genus
Catocala often have brightly colored underwings in alternating stripes of red, pink or orange and black.  The brightly colored underwings are revealed in flight, but when the moth lands, the bark-mimic upper wings blend in with tree trunks, effectively camouflaging the Underwing Moth from predators who are searching for brightly colored prey.

Location: Hudson Valley, New York

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