Underwing Moth resting on mossy bark
Location: SE Michigan
September 24, 2011 6:52 pm
Hello, Bugman: Spotted this large underwing moth flying around eratically during the afternoon; was surprised both by it’s size and that it was flying during a sunny afternoon. Not sure which of the many kinds of Underwings this one is, but it was about 2.5 inches across. It landed on a tree, hoping to ”blend-in” with it’s cryptic patterning. I was able to get 2 nice close-ups, before it fluttered away. Thought you might like to add this shot to your Underwing info.
Signature: Chris O.


Hi Chris,
Thanks so much for sending your photo of an Underwing Moth.  We posted another photo earlier today and we wrote about the camouflage ability of the Underwing Moths.  Though your mossy trunk does not effectively hide this individual, our readers should be able to imagine it blending in on a lighter barked tree.  While we don’t believe the Underwing has the ability to choose a tree that will effectively hide it, we do believe that those moths that blend into the trees in a specific area will survive and then subsequently pass on the traits that determine their coloration to their offspring.  Your description of the Underwing flying during daylight hours is very accurate.

Location: Michigan

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