Ukrainian Digger Wasp is Mammoth Wasp

identification help
Hello dear Sir,
could you help me please to identify this giant insect. Here some info for identification help: This insect is about 5 cm (2 inches) longwise. Was found in the tropic area of Crimean mountains (Ukraine). Looks like it lives into the burrow or hollow of the old tree stub. It was alone there. Thank you

Hi Lora,
This is a Digger Wasp in the family Scoliidae. Scoliid Wasps are hairy, robust wasps that prey upon the ground dwelling grubs of Scarab Beetles. The adult wasps feed on nectar, and the beetle grubs are food for the larval wasps. There is a close enough resemblance to a North American species, Scolia dubia, that your specimen might be in the same genus.

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  1. This should be female Mammoth Wasp (scolia flavifrons). The larvae feed on on the larvae of European rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes nasicornis). Imago eat nectar.


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