Typhon Sphinx from Mexico

Subject: Large, black and brown moth
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
June 22, 2014 1:29 pm
What kind of moth is this?
It was photographed in June 2013, during the daytime, in Guadalajara, Mexico.
The tiles are 9 cm square so the wing tip to wing tip measurement is about 12 cm.
It appeared to be asleep when photographed. It did not react to movement in its vicinity nor to the camera flash. Later it disappeared so it was either alive and flew away or it was taken away by something. It was located in an interior patio, so few animals except birds had access to bother it.
Signature: Will

Typhon Sphinx
Typhon Sphinx

Hi Will,
Thanks to the Sphingidae of the Americas website, we have identified your Sphinx Moth or Hawkmoth in the family Sphingidae as the Typhon Sphinx,
Eumorpha typhon.  This is the first image of an adult moth from this species we have posted to our site, though in 2013, we did post several images of the caterpillar of a Typhon Sphinx from Mexico.  The Typhon Sphinx has been reported from southern Arizona and New Mexico as well.

Thank you very much for the response. I spent quite a bit of time looking for it without success.

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