Two Weevils from Brazil

Subject: Weevils
Location: Jaraguá, São Paulo, Brazil
January 22, 2013 7:35 am
Hello, there!
I’m sending the pictures of these two impressive weevils. The large dark guy is a black coconut bunch weevil Homalinotus coriaceus. The colorful one is Naupactus rivulosus and feeds on citrus. Both are considered pests of economic importance here in Brazil.
Signature: Cesar Crash

Weevil from Brazil: Homalinotus coriaceus

Hi Cesar,
Thank you for sending your spectacular images that illustrate the diversity of Weevil species in Brazil.

Weevil from Brazil: Naupactus rivulosus

Daniel, you can crop the images I send to remove the watermark anyway you wish.
It’s because I send it at work, then I took my own images in the internet, I like to register the time the pictures are taken for sazonal references.

Thanks Cesar,
That is nice to know for the next time you send photos.  I wanted to preserve your copyright information on the image, so I cut and pasted it back after cropping to resize.

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