Two-Spotted Tree Cricket

Red-headed insect
August 11, 2009
I found this creature on my screen door this morning. It did not move all day. I could not make out wings, but they could be held flat to the body. I was thinking some kind of grasshopper relative? The striking red head was very distinctive. We live in central ohio and it is mid-August. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you, Jennifer N.
Central Ohio

Two Spotted Tree Cricket
Two Spotted Tree Cricket

Hi Jennifer,
We are confident that we have identified your Tree Cricket as a Two-Spotted Tree Cricket, Neoxabea bipunctata, based on images posted to BugGuide.  Additionally, we believe this is a female based on the description:
Reddish-brown head and foreparts, usually fading to pale yellowish toward rear. Female has two elongated blackish spots on tegmen (forewings). Hind tibiae do not have spines. Basal segment of antennae has a blunt tooth on the outer side.

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  1. i too live in Ohio, near Dayton. just last night, i found a male two-spotted tree cricket on my kitchen blinds. i searched the internet in hopes to identify it, and found my answer here. my cricket had the same body, but was different in color – light all over with red eyes! i don’t see where I can upload a pic to show you, but thanks for the help!



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