Two Spined Spider from Australia

How can something be so pretty and so creepy at the same time?
Location: NSW, Australia
December 2, 2011 2:08 am
Hi! I live in NSW, Australia, neer the coast. I found this multi coloured, spikey looking spider. You can’t see too well in the photos, but it was also red underneath. I live in the bush and I’ve seen lots of spiders, but never one so pretty! Can you tell me what kind it is?
Thank you.
Signature: Emma

Two Spined Spider

Dear Emma,
We had a power outage at our offices that lasted 36 hours.  This is a Two Spined Spider,
Poecilopachys australasia, and you can read some good information on Spiders on the Insects of Brisbane website.

I’ve always wanted to send something in to Whats That Bug! I waited untill I found something interesting that I’d never seen before. Can’t wait to find out more on the Insects of Brisbane website. Thank you so much!!! 😀

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