Two species of Giant Ichneumons Oviposit on same tree in Canada

Subject: Unknown bug
Location: NorthWest Ontario
June 27, 2016 8:14 pm
This tree fell down in a recent storm and is known as a Manitoba Maple. This photo is taken of two of the several black yellow winged dragonfly scorpion like taled flyer. Behaviour of which is interesting and peculiar caught the eyes of many… They appeared to be mating or birthing or fertilizing… Hard to say if the tentacles at the end of their tales were their own or coming out…or if the green thick fluid like stuff was a placenta or mating fluids or ? Very bizarre as they seemed to be labouring if not pleasuring. One I thought was birthing actually burrowed it’s once widened tail tip into a hole in the bark made by termites….nestled it there and rested. A couple of these bugs looked rather fresh, young, and of the brighter yellow and reddish brown, one somewhat curled up and drying off …I wondered if was born recently. A couple of the bugs were blacker than others, almost all black and their tails so black you would hardly notice them in the shadows of the tree pieces or against the earth.
I live in northwestern Ontario bordering with Manitoba. We just had a lot of rain, 44mm this past weekend.
What is this bug
Signature: Curious C

Two Giant Ichneumons Oviposit
Two Giant Ichneumons Oviposit

Dear Curious C,
In your image, you have captured two different species of female Giant Ichneumons in the genus
Megarhyssa, sometimes called Stump Stabbers, and each is in the process of laying eggs or ovipositing.  Giant Ichneumons are parasitoid wasps and their host insects are the wood boring larvae of Wood Wasps in the subfamily Tremecinae, including the Pigeon Horntail, that feed on the wood of deciduous trees.  The smaller brown and yellow individual is Megarhyssa macrurus, and the larger, black and yellow individual is Megarhyssa atrata.

Wow! Very informative and fast ID’ing!! Thankyou so much!!:)
Curious C 😉

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