Two Scarabs from Greece: White Spotted Rose Beetle

Subject: Two beetles from Greece
Location: Kos, Dodecanese, Greece
April 28, 2016 7:18 am
I hope it’s OK to submit two for the price of one, but they are on the same flower! I took this while birdwatching on Kos in the Aegean a couple of days ago (i.e. April 26th). There were lots of both species around, but particularly the stripy ones whose wing-cases seem to have shrunk in the wash.
Signature: Harry R

Two Scarabs
Two Scarabs

OK, I searched your site for ‘spotted scarab’ and the black and white one is clearly some species of Oxythyrea. I’d still like to know about the other one though!

Dear Harry,
We love your twofer.  Both of your beetles are Scarab Beetles, and we agree that the smaller is a White Spotted Rose Beetle in the genus
Oxythyrea.  We believe your other Scarab may be Eulasia vittata based on this Masterfile image.  There is also a nice image on and the image on Kaefer der Welt – Beetles of the World nicely illustrates the short elytra.

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