Two-Lined Shieldback

Subject: Hopper insect ID
Location: Rio Rancho, NM
September 26, 2016 7:36 pm
I saw this on our wall outside today. I thought it was a grasshopper, but saw a pic online that resembled it…they said it was a katydid, but the web page was from Australia. Can you id this please? Thank you.
Signature: Paul Diamond

Two-Lined Shieldback
Two-Lined Shieldback

Dear Paul,
This is a Katydid known as a Two-Lined Shieldback,
 Eremopedes bilineatus, based on this BugGuide image, but according to BugGuide:  “16 spp. in 2 subgenera, all in our area,” though it is the only one of the five species pictured on BugGuide that looks similar.  We have no idea what the other 11 species in the genus look like.  This might need the input of a Katydid expert, so we will attempt to contact Piotr Naskrecki regarding its identity. 

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