Two Grasshoppers from Columbia

Colourful Colombian grasshoppers
Location: Las Tangaras Reserve, El Carmen, Colombia
November 25, 2011 1:39 pm
I photographed these grasshoppers in the Colombian chocó; Las Tangaras Reserve, El Carmen area, September 6th 2011.
I suppose number one is an adult individual and number two maybe a nymph?!
Possible to ID?’
Signature: Leif Gabrielsen

Grasshopper from Columbia

Hi Leif,
These two really are colorful Grasshoppers, but we are not convinced they are the same species.  We are not even convinced that one is an adult because the wings do not extend to the end of the body.  That is not always an indication that a Grasshopper is an adult because many species do not have fully developed wings capable of flight upon reaching maturity.  We do agree that the second individual is a nymph.  We are posting your photos as unidentified and we hope to either determine the correct identity or get some assistance from our readership.

Grasshopper Nymph from Columbia


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