Two Giant Silkworm Moths: Promethea and Cecropia

Cecropia and Promethea
Location: South Illinois
April 24, 2012 1:52 pm
Here is a female Promethea and a male Cecropia hanging out on my screen.
We sent you a picture of a male Promethea we found last year.
Signature: Bert

Promethea (left) and Cecropia Moths

Hi Bert,
How lucky were you to witness this great scene.  Folks lucky enough to live in areas where conditions are suited to sustaining Giant Silkmoths are likely to see them on a yearly basis.

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  1. This site was sent to me by a friend. I had sent her a picture I took of a Black Witch moth last year, plastered to the cedar siding on my house, inside the protected front porch. I had to get on a ladder to get a good shot of it. I live in Coventry, RI. She said it was rare to get them here. When she sent this site, there was an article about one in Central Park, but I don’t see it here now.


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