Two Brush Footed Butterflies from Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Subject: Tropical bugs
Location: Iguazu falls national park, Argentina/Brazil
January 31, 2013 9:03 am
I spent my last summer in the beautiful Iguazu falls. I saw a lot of these butterflies and spiders, but I have not been able to find the scientific names on the internet. Thanks a lot for your help.
Signature: Filipe De Vadder

Callicore hydaspes

Hola Filipe,
Both of you butterflies are in the Brush Footed Butterfly family Nymphalidae, so we will create a single posting for them.  Though the one photo is quite blurry, the markings of
Callicore hydaspes are quite unmistakeable.  You can see clearer images of this species on the Butterflies and Beetles of Argentina website.  PHotos of the type specimens can be found on the Butterflies of America website.  Butterflies in this genus and related genera are sometimes called Eighty Eights or Eighty Nines because the patterns on the undersides of the lower wings are thought to resemble numbers.  We identified your second butterfly as Hypanartia lethe, and we found photos on the Butterflies and Beetles of Argentina as well.  According to the Butterflies and Moths of North America, it is commonly called an Orange Mapwing, a name that is verified on the Neotropical Butterflieswebsite.

Orange Mapwing

Update:  February 1, 2013
We just checked out the Brazilian equivalent to What’s That Bug? and we are impressed with what Cesar Crash has done in a few short months.  We will be sure to link to it whenever we have a South American posting in the future.  Here is a recent posting of an Eighty Eight .  Just click the British flag and translate the posting into English.  There is also a Mapwing on Insetologia.

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