Color Variation in Female Blue Dashers
Location: Ottawa Wetlands, N. Ohio
June 28, 2011 9:48 am
Dear Bugman:
Thought you might be able to use these Blue Dasher close-ups, which show color variation in the females.
While visiting the Ottawa wetlands in N.Ohio, I recently took many photos of Blue Dasher dragonflies. This species was very cooperative & calm and did not fly away the moment I approached; great photo subjects.
I noticed that while many females had the typical brown and yellow patterned abdomen, others had abdomens that were blue…like the males. At first I thought I was mistaken in the ID of the blue tailed Blue Dasher females. Just this morning, I read in an article online, that older females will take on a blue color as they age. Never knew this before, and that info. solved the mystery of why these females came in two color varieties. Anyway, just thought I’d share my latest ”discovery” with your wonderful and informative site.
Signature: Christine

Blue Dasher

Dear Christine,
Your photos are positively gorgeous, as are the Dragonflies you have photographed.  We have a very difficult time identifying Dragonflies, and we are very appreciative that you took the initiative to identify your Blue Dashers.

Blue Dasher

Location: Ohio

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