Twice-Stabbed Stink Bug

Twice-stabbing Stinkbug!
I wasn’t intimidated by the looks of this bug…. until I discovered the NAME! Ooooh! I was able to narrow the ID to "stinkbug" on your site, then located the species on Bugguide. As always…. my day isn’t complete until I browse your site… At least once, maybe twice. (but no stabbing) Thanks!
Jill (suburbs of Chicago)

Hi Jill,
We are sorry to inform you that your life might be incomplete today. We have been unable to post new submissions since yesterday, and we need some quality time with our web host to solve the problem. Sadly, it is Sunday and he might be taking the day off. Regardless, we will be posting your photo and letter and the soonest opportunity. Your Twice-Stabbed Stink Bug is a real looker.

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