Tulip Tree Silk Moth lays eggs

My Spring Moth Collection (digital, of course)
May 11, 2010
Hello Daniel and Lisa,
There has been a huge variety of moths visiting under the safety light this Spring, but I hesitate to send the photos on to you.  I know that this is a very busy time.
Some that I’d like to send:
1. Tiger Moth, Spilomosa congrua
2. Tiger Moth, Spilomosa dubia
for your Tiger Moth page.
3. White-dotted Prominent, Nadata gibbosa
for your Prominent page.
4. Tulip Tree Silkmoth, Callosamia angulifera, laying eggs (I’m assuming they’re hers)
5. Eggs all over the wall.
There are so many including Laudable Arches, Polyphemus, Common Emerald that I hope I’ve identified correctly, and so many more that I haven’t yet been able to identify.
Let me know if you have time and if you’re interested in my silly stuff.
R.G. Marion
The Great Smoky Mountains, TN

May 22, 2010
Dear RG,
Your letter arrived in our absence (Mother’s Day visit) and we are just catching up on old mail.  Please resend this letter with the Tulip Tree Silkmoth.

Tulip Tree Silk Moth lays eggs

Hoping your Mother’s Day visit was wonderful…
At one time, there were as many as five of these beauties on the wall.

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