True Bugs Infestation in Entiat, WA

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I’m hoping you can help us out! We have a terrible beetle infestation. It’s winter and I’m still getting about 20 inside our home! The previous owners of the home thought it was some kind of elm beetle and we believe there might be an elm tree on the property. During late summer the side of our house was flooded with hundreds of them. We live in Entiat, Washington up in the mountains surrounded by pine trees. Entiat is located between Wenatchee and lake chelan. I hope you can help us identify this beetle. 

Thanks so much!


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Dear Brittany,

These are not Beetles.  They are True Bugs that have mouths that have evolved into a proboscis to pierce and suck fluids, rather than possessing mandibles that have evolved to chew, like Beetles.  One of the biggest threats to the environment right now involves introduced plants and animals that do not have natural predators, and there are several species of True Bugs that have been introduced to the Pacific Northwest in recent years that are proliferating and causing humans to notice and to get concerned.  We believe these are Seed Bugs.  The Washington State Department of Agriculture has a nice posting devoted to introduced Seed Bugs where it states: “Often, the first place homeowners notice the presence of the seed-bugs is around home foundations and on exterior walls (Figure 3). The small, dark bugs are very rapid runners, often mistaken for small beetles, and can fly. Unlike many native true bugs, they don’t have a strong odor. You can also learn about them right here on our website. If control of nuisance populations is necessary, contact a pest control professional.


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