True Bugs on Grape Leaves in South Africa

Subject: Sampling trip insect
Location: Vredendal, South Africa
February 25, 2017 2:10 am
Dear Bugman
On a recent sampling trip for grapevine samples we came across a vine infested with these little fellows. They were covering certain leaves and the entire stem of the vine was crawling with them. Can you help us identify what these might be.
Yours sincerely
Lucan D. Page
Signature: Grapevine bug/beetle?

Bugs on Grapes

Dear Lucan,
These are definitely NOT Beetles.  They are True Bugs in the suborder Heteroptera, and we suspect if they are commonly found on grape leaves, we will soon be able to provide you with an identification.

True Bugs Swarming on Grape Leaves
True Bugs swarming on Grape Leaves

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