True Bug Nymphs on Satsuma

Subject: Red bodied bug on a satsuma
Location: Mobile, Alabama
May 8, 2016 5:23 pm
We found this group of what I assume are nymphs hanging out on one of our satsuma trees on 5/8/16. So far, just these guys. We don’the want to harm them if they won’the harm our citrus trees or garden. Any clues?
Signature: Lucinda F.

True Bug Hatchlings
True Bug Hatchlings

Dear Lucinda,
These are True Bug hatchlings in the suborder Heteroptera, and nymphs can be very difficult to identify conclusively.  We suspect they are a plant feeding species that and that they are taking nourishment by sucking fluids from your Satsuma.  They might be Bordered Plant Bug nymphs from the genus
Largus based on their similarity to this BugGuide image and this BugGuide image.

True Bug Hatchlings
True Bug Hatchlings

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