Possibly Seed Bug Infestation

Seed Bug Infestation:  Oxycarenus lavaterae

Subject: Naming bug
Location: Malta (Mediterranean)
October 16, 2014 10:03 am
I have had a literal infestation of this bug lately in my garden. Can you help me identifying it?
Signature: Paul

Hi Paul,
These are True Bugs, possibly Seed Bugs in the family Lygaeidae, but we have not had any luck with a species identification.  We wish your image was of higher resolution.  Can you identify the fruit upon which they are feeding?

Ed Note:  Paul commented back with a species identification of Oxycarenus lavaterae and we are able to confirm that thanks to this posting on BioLib.

Location: Malta

4 Responses to Seed Bug infestation in Malta: Oxycarenus lavaterae

  1. Paul Cordina says:

    The fruit is a lemon

  2. Paul Cordina says:

    But I wonder if they are feeding on it. I find the same insect on laurel and mostly on a black mulberry.

  3. Paul Cordina says:

    Found it! Class: Hexapoda, Order: Hemiptera Heteroptera, Family: Lygaeidae, Genus: Oxycarenus,Species:Oxycarenus lavaterae. Thanks for all the help.

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for the confirmation that the family is correct and we are happy our broad identification allowed you to narrow down a species identification.

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