Tropical Centipede in the West Indies

Subject: Tropical Centiped on St. Kitt’s
Location: St Kitt’s, West Indies
January 15, 2013 10:25 am
I go to veterinary school on the island of St. Kitt’s in the caribbean. We have quite a few of these beasties here; they supposedly have a pretty painful bite and often get into people’s houses: I’ve had two in the last two days actually. Usually I put them back outside, especially since people say that if you cannot kill them instantaneously they will fight back! I don’t like killing bugs for no reason though so like I said I typically put them outside. Locals here use a chemical called BOP which is actually banned in the USA… I don’t use it because it is so toxic you have to leave your home for a few hours after spraying and the residue is quite persistent. Anyway, the centipedes are quite notorious around here for biting people in the night after getting into their beds. A professor here knew a student who was bitten on his unmentionables! Local folklore says that if you find a mother centipede with eggs or baby centipedes, you or som eone you know is pregnant!
Signature: L Rose

Tropical Centipede

Dear L Rose,
Thank you for your amusing anecdotes.  We posted an email a while back from a young lady who found a Desert Tiger Centipede in her panties and we can only surmise that Tropical Centipedes like warm spots, hence their fondness for entering beds on St Kitts.  The folklore about finding a mother centipede is also amusing since almost everyone knows of at least one expectant mother at any given time.

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  1. I saw a few of these beasty beauties during our trips throughout south east Asia specifically in Thailand so I was well impressed to see another of their ilk here st kitts today. We arrived here just a few days ago and while on our way back home from the local watering hole I saw an 8 inches who crossed our path , or should I say we crossed her path! What an interesting denizen of the night…she quickly scurried off into the darkness as I took a closer look. If you tread carefully and RESPECFULLY these wonderful animals will pose no threat. That said , I haven’t had the opportunity to come face to face on her terms although I suspect she’d probably want to just leave in one piece…her wish would be granted and I hope you would all do the same. That said…any recommendations regarding the effects of an incidental bite?

    • The bite is reported to be painful, but not necessarily dangerous. Whenever there is a severe reaction, we would recommend seeking medical attention.

  2. Hi Bugman, Once again, another Rhysida sp. You are probably thinking i just like the word “Rhysida” By now! XD


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