Tropical Centipede from Namibia: Scolopendra morsitans

Namibian arthropods
Location: Namibia (see above)
November 15, 2011 12:44 pm
Can you please name these.All pictures were taken in April 2011 in Namibia.
The cricket was taken in the Etendeke Mountain camp close to Palmwag. The other 2 images were taken at Durstenbruck farm north of Windhoek.
Signature: Roger Pinkney

Tropical Centipede

Hi Roger,
Though we don’t know what species this is, this Tropical Centipede is one of the most beautiful Centipedes we have ever seen.  We will try to determine the species.  Tropical Centipedes in the genus
Scolopendra are found in many places around the world.

10 thoughts on “Tropical Centipede from Namibia: Scolopendra morsitans”

    • Thank you for sending numerous Centipede identifications. We will update the titles on the postings to reflect your identifications.

    • Is this orange/black centipede poisonous? We have come across 2 in one weekend and 1 of them INSIDE our house. We sleep on the floor on hot summer nights and I wouldn’t want to be in danger from a bite.

      • If you’re afraid it’s poisonous, just don’t eat it 😉
        And I believe what you’re asking is, if it’s venomous. And the answer is yes. All centipedes are venomous. Bite sometimes can be quite painful but except the pain, they’re harmless to healthy people.

  1. Hi I also had one tropical centipede walking as I entered our bedroom with my son in my arms. Reacted quickly to step on it a few times. We assume it entered under our front door. We live close to a river.

  2. I photographed one in our garden in Windhoek (Namibia) in September 2019. From what I read here, definitely a Scolopendra morsitans.

    How can I post a photo?


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