Triops: Tadpole Shrimp

Unknown insects in the puddle
I’m from Russia , Ural region, Ekaterinburg city. This summer my daughter discovers paddles along forest road. She finds out those bugs. They swim at the bottom quick enough. What is it? It looks like prehistoric insects. I made digital photo in two projections – view from above, bottom view and merged in one.
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These are not insects but Crustaceans. We believe they are Copepods in the suborder Harpacticoida.

(09/20/2005) Copepods from 9/15
I believe these are actually Triops (not sure of the species). You can buy them in kits to raise (lots of fun! And if you’re good, you can keep the colony going). Very old critter, related to trilobites. They live in vernal pools and the like. My triops (& mosquito pupae)
Janet Sugino Brinnon WA

Thanks for the correction Janet. Here is a link with more information on these prehistoric creatures.

Request for Information
Dear Bugman
Hi from France. My name is Eric and I study triops. That’s why I collect everything on the web concerning this branchiopod. I saw on your website a message coming from Russia with a picture of (unidentified !) species of triops. Do you think that it could be possible to join this person ? Thank you by advance

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