Trilobite Beetle: Female Netwing Beetle from Thailand

This bug’s identity is bugging us
Dear What’s That Bug – I wonder if you can help me and my daughter, Charlotte, identify the bug in the attached photographs. We live in Phuket, Thailand and these pics were taken in the slightly damp kitchen of my ground floor office building, which backs tightly onto a large area of forested hills. Any ideas? I look forward to your reply.
Simon J Hand
Phuket Post

Hi Simon,
Exotica can sometimes be very difficult. We believe this is a Firefly Larva, or possibly a Netwing Beetle Larva. We will contact Eric Eaton to see what his opinion is. Eric Eaton wrote in: “The firefly larva from Thailand is actually an ADULT female Demosis species of net-winged beetle (family Lycidae). They are known commonly as trilobite beetles. Nice work just getting in the neighborhood on that one!”

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