Triceratops Beetle

Subject: Phileurus truncatus?
Location: Near Orlando, FL
June 24, 2016 8:00 am
I found this beetle outside a hotel room in central Florida. I looked it up (here, actually) and came to the Phileurus truncatus page after a bit of digging. But I just wanted to confirm whether this was in fact a specimen of Phileurus.
Signature: Jacob S.

Triceratops Beetle
Triceratops Beetle

Dear Jacob,
Congratulations on correctly identifying your Triceratops Beetle,
Phileurus truncatus, which we feel is an exact match to this BugGuide image.  It is described on BugGuide as being:  “Black, distinctly flattened, both sexes with three prominent horns on head. Elytra deeply striated. …  Both genders have horns. This is unusual among horned scarabs.”

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