What is this bug?
Location: London Ontario
August 6, 2011 9:59 am
This was attracted to our back-porch light around midnight last night. I think it was eating other small bugs. I don’t think it’s a lacewing. It was about 2” in total length. Sort of looks like a grass hopper. It rubbed it’s 2 inner wings together every once in a while, making a chirping sound.
Signature: Joe

Treetop Bush Katydid

Dear Joe,
This is a Katydid, and they can be differentiated from Grasshoppers by their antennae.  Grasshoppers have much shorter antennae, and Katydids are classifies as Longhorned Orthopterans in the suborder Ensifera.  We believe this is a male Treetop Bush Katydid,
Scudderia fasciata, based on this particular image posted to BugGuide.

Location: Canada

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