Help Identifying a bug
I found your site while my 4 year old daughter and I tried to identify an insect we found on our screen door in Sacramento California. I’m confidient you’ll be able to help us figure out what it is. I’m hoping to keep her interested in insects so she won’t develop a fear to bugs. By the way, she loved looking at all the beautiful insects on your site. Thanks in Advance,
Laura G

Hi Laura,
The Tree Stink Bug is one of the Predatory Stink Bugs in the genus Brochymena. Eric Eaton provided us with this clarification: “I would classify them as scavengers or opportunistic predators, though, as are many, if not most, Hemipterans, even if they are principally herbivores. I once saw two smaller milkweed bugs sharing a dead honeybee carcass! Was I shocked!…. Eric”

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