Tread Waisted Wasp preys upon Caterpillar

Solitary Burrowing Hunting Wasp ?
Location: Traverse City, Michigan
June 20, 2011 4:23 pm
I watched this muscular wasp bring in a large larva. It was right at the entrance to it’s burrow on the beach at D H Day Campground, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan, but seemed nervous with me watching. Instead of taking it into the burrow it dragged up up a small plant nearby. With it safely hid, it buzzed me until I backed away.
Do you know the name of this wasp?
Signature: Bill

Thread Waisted Wasp preys upon Cutworm

Dear Bill,
The Thread-Waisted Wasps in the genus
Ammophila are known to prey upon Cutworms that they use to provision underground nests for their brood.  Of the species represented on BugGuide, we believe your wasp looks the most like Ammophila nigricans.

Thread-Waisted Wasp preys upon Cutworm

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