Trapdoor Spider from Malaysia

Subject:  Cork Lid Trapdoor Spider?
Geographic location of the bug:  Penang, Malaysia
Date: 11/27/2017
Time: 12:09 AM EDT
My friend found a spider that looked like a trap door but could not identified it. Can bugman help?
How you want your letter signed:  mysticz

Trapdoor Spider

Dear Mysticz,
This is a gorgeous Spider.  It has such a distinctive appearance, including the red tips on the legs.  We could not locate any exact matches on the internet, but we did find this image on FlickR of a Tube Trapdoor Spider from Singapore that looks somewhat similar.  We are quite confident your individual is a Trapdoor Spider, but we are not certain to which family it belongs.  The closest visual match we could locate is a posting to Encyclopedia of Life of
Idiops constructor, a member of the family Idiopidae, which Wikipedia calls the Armored Trapdoor Spiders.

Trapdoor Spider

Thanks for the effort Daniel.

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