Trapdoor Spider from Washington

Subject:  Usually I scream and run away like the girl I am but…
Geographic location of the bug:  Bothell, WA
Date: 05/28/2018
Time: 01:30 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I stuck around today to take pictures of this girl, I found while sweeping out a storage unit. She was under a pile of dead leaves, sticks and bird droppings. I assume she’s a she, I could be wrong but I am sure she won’t know. 🙂 I snapped a few pictures then left her alone. It’s what I would have wanted if I was a spider.
How you want your letter signed:  Perplexed In WA

Trapdoor Spider

Dear Perplexed in WA,
This Spider identification has been on our back burner since you sent it several days ago, but we have not had any luck identifying it other than that we know it is a Mygalomorph in the infraorderMygalomorphae.  Mygalomorphs are primitive spiders, and their members include Tarantulas and Trapdoor Spiders.  While Tarantulas are not found as far north as Washington, there are several different families of Mygalomorphs reported from Washington.  We have not successfully identified your Spider and we are continuing to search BugGuide.  The closest match we have found is on Insect Identification and it is identified as a member of the genus
Antrodiaetus.  We cannot confirm a species on BugGuide from the genus Antrodiaetus that matches the coloration on your individual, including the red cephalothorax and legs and darker abdomen.

3 thoughts on “Trapdoor Spider from Washington”

  1. Found a very similar spider today (july 6 2021) in shoreline, WA. have seen a folding door spider here with the more easily identified black body and tan abdomen here as well.

  2. It seems you found yourself a Folding Door spider. More than likely a male out looking for a female. They are a type of Trap Door spider of the PNW and are kin to Tarantulas.


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