Toxic Milkweed Locust from South Africa

Subject: Bug identification
Location: South Africa
April 12, 2015 10:09 am
I found this bug in our room when visiting Kariega safari in South Africa in January. Any idea of what species?
Best regards,
Signature: Johan Ekener

Toxic Milkweed Locust
Toxic Milkweed Locust

Dear Johan,
This is a Toxic Milkweed Locust in the genus
Phymateus, and we cannot be certain of the exact species identification because many members of the genus look similar and there is great individual variation within the species as well.  Our best guess is Phymateus morbillosus which believe we have correctly identified in the past.  Though a redder color variation seems to be more common, we did locate similar looking individuals on Alamy and on iSpot.

Dear Daniel,
Many thanks for your swift response to my request. I will read more about these bugs; found it quite amazing compared to what we have here in Sweden 🙂
Best wishes,

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