Tortoise Beetle Larva

What’s this bug?
Dear Bugman,
I found this bug on some tomato and eggplants that were growing on my porch. I’m really wondering what they are. We live in central Pennsylvania . Your website is great and I’ve been telling people about it :~) Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge,
Leslie Howard

Dear Leslie,
At first we thought this was a Slug Caterpillar, but the curious thing about your image is the debris on the back. We enlisted Eric Eaton’s assistance to identify a Tortoise Beetle Pupa, and then Nathan wrote back correcting this misidentification.

Update (04/17/2006)
I believe, now that you were able to identify the tortoise beetle larvae photo I sent you can also put the following entry to rest as well. I found it under the first Caterpillar listing. It looks very similar to an already identified toroise beetle larvae photo found on one of your beetle pages – it too was green like this one. Again, great site!
Nathan Cook

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