Tortoise Beetle from Guyana

Subject: Tortoise Beetle in Artwork
Location: Guyana
August 5, 2016 2:51 pm
Hi! I’m a nature illustrator and have created a sculpture of a Tortoise beetle, but I cannot find the scientific name of the beetle. I hope that you can help me find it so that I can accurately label the artwork! I have attached an image of the sculpture.
Thank you so much for your help!!
Reference photo from the web:
Signature: Zebith Thalden of Intersectus Design

Illustration of a Tortoise Beetle from Guyana
Illustration of a Tortoise Beetle from Guyana

Dear Zebith,
Thanks for working with us to create this posting.  We hope you understand why we cannot post images downloaded from the internet when there is no permission from the photographer.  This Dobsonfly posting addresses the complicated issues of Copyright Infringement and also illustrates the problems we encounter when there is no permission to use images.  This Eucharitid Wasp image is another example of plagiarism we have encountered on our site.
We began our search using the common name Tortoise Beetle coupled with first Guyana, and then neighboring countries like Suriname, Brazil and Venezuela, but all produced no matching images.  We then turned to the scientific name for the Subfamily Cassidinae that includes Tortoise Beetles, and we struck gold with this pdf on BioLib entitled Tortoise beetles of the French Guyana – a faunistic review (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae) by LECH BOROWIEC1 and GÉRARD MORAGUES, but alas, there are no illustrations, though there are numerous scientific names of the species found in French Guyana.  Searching for images for each of those names might take weeks, and though we do not have the time, you may.  We then tried to search the subfamily name coupled with other nearby countries, and when we found this unidentified Tortoise Beetle from Peru in our own archives that we suspect might be in the genus
Eugenysa, we decided to search that name as well, but again to no avail.  Though we drew a big blank, we are going to put out a request to our readership, including Cesar Crash of Insetologia from Brazil and to Karl who loves a challenge, to assist us in this ID.  You might also try to contact LECH BOROWIEC1 and GÉRARD MORAGUES to see if they can assist you.  If you do eventually score a species, or at least a genus ID, please let us know.

Thank you so much for all of your work! I will continue the search and hope that the tendrils that we both are putting out there will bring back an answer. Fingers crossed!
As far as the copyright, I appreciate your policy. As an artist, I deeply appreciate when people make sure others only post images that they have direct permission to use. Thank you for upholding these respectful (and legal) standards!


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