Subject: Is that a Ladybug?
Location: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
July 5, 2012 8:42 pm
Hello (again 😉 Bugman!
IS this a ladybug? It is very beautiful, all shiny and full of colors in the sunshine 😉
Signature: PunkRockGirl

Tortoise Beetle

Dear PunkRockGirl,
We have noticed that you have sent a few emails over the past week and we have been very bad about posting any of your submissions.  This is not a Ladybug, and for the record, Ladybugs are more correctly called Lady Beetles.  This is a Tortoise Beetle and they are known for their iridescent colors, however, once the Tortoise Beetle dies, the colors fade.  Specimens in collections are never as beautiful as living Tortoise Beetles.  We believe we found a matching photo on FlickR from Costa Rica, however, it is not identified to the species level.

Location: Nicaragua

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