Subject: moth identification
Location: new milford,pa 18834 northeastern pennsylvania
February 23, 2014 6:34 pm
i recently took a close up photo of this white and black hairy moth on my tent at a campground in new milford site was in a somewhat heavily wooded location within the campgrounds .it was probably september or october,but im thinking it was most likely september.
i’ve been camping and hiking in this region but ive never seen presumably a moth like this ever.ive tried researching it online but the closest thing i can see that resembles this moth is a prominent moth.but there are many prominent moths that do not have pictures of them.
hoping that with these photos i took of the moth in question can be identified.
the moth in the photos are the same single moth which was about the size of a quarter.
Signature: chris leitch


Hi Chris,
Your moth is actually a Lappet Moth in the genus
Tolype, but we are not certain of the species.  You can read more about the genus Tolype on BugGuide where it is noted that the adults flight time “varies according to species; adults fly from April to December in the south; mostly August and September in the north.”

Thank You Daniel for that quick response.much appreciated.are you by any chance aware of any online identification sites where i could perhaps do future moth identifications by sorting according to color and other characteristics?it would make things so much easier.
thank you,
chris leitch

Hi again Chris,
We like BugGuide and the Moth Photographers Group for North American species.

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