Toe Biters

Hi, this is Jay again on my home address.. I was
asking you about the bug that looks like the Water scorpion but not quite.. well, since I saw it I kept
my digital camera in my car in case I came across it again, well the other night I saw his little brother I
think.. that looked like a smaller version of the big
guy I saw.. I found him on his back kicking his legs and snapped this picture.. Looks like a water scorpion without the breathing tube? I can’t say for sure this is what I saw the other night.. it’s similar in shape.. This guy was about 2.5 inches in length.. the other one was literally 5 inches. So tell me what you think…

Thanks Jay,
It is a Giant Water Bug, Lethocerus americanus, and we have been getting numerous reports about them, especially the south, more specifically Florida. They will bite painfully, and swimmers call them "toe Biters."

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