Toe-Biter, NOT Water Strider

Subject: Giant Water Strider
Location: Flux Canyon, Arizoa
March 7, 2014 1:32 pm
I see that you already have many good photos of the giant water strider ….I saw this fellow March 5th…at night in the desert near the town Patagonia.
There are no sizable bodies of water nearby but there were some heavy rains here that may have carried him to this house.
I recognized that he was a water strider but it made no sense that he was sitting on a sidewalk in the desert with no water nearby.
I researched and these bugs seem to leave the water during their mating cycle.
I stared right into the face of this fellow….Some pics if you wanty to post them
Signature: Susan Warner


Dear Susan,
We are thrilled to post your images, however, they are of a Toe-Biter or Giant Water Bug, NOT a Giant Water Strider, which is a very different looking Aquatic Bug.  Both Water Striders and Giant Water Bugs are capable of flying some distance to a new body of water.  Giant Water Bugs are also called Electric Light Bugs because they are attracted to porch lights and other nighttime sources of illumination.

Giant Water Bug
Giant Water Bug

March 9, 2014 11:16 am
Thanks for giving me the correct identification of the “Toe-Biter”…..of course that chunky big bug would not be skating across the water surface!
Signature: Susan Warner


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