Subject: Bug Indentiticatio
Location: Vasai, Maharashtra, India
October 4, 2012 10:18 am
I found this huge bug just outside my office. The stray dogs were trying to kill it, but it was giving them a fight back so they backed off. So clicked a few pics and wanted to know what kind of bud it is. Help Appreciated… Thanks
Signature: Anyhow


Dear Anyhow,
We can’t help but to wonder if youngsters in India have a colorful name for the Giant Water Bug, an aquatic True Bug that American children, especially those in the south, call Toe-Biters. 
These Hemipteran behemoths have been reported to have bitten waders in freshwater lakes and ponds.  The Toe-Biter in your photo appears to be watching the camera.  We hope you weren’t bare-footed on those tiles.

Location: India

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