Toe-Biter from Canada

Subject: Beetle crawling on foot on porch
Location: Southwestern Ontario, Southwest Middlesex county.
October 7, 2015 7:53 pm
This beetle was crawling across my foot on my porch at night with my light on. We live in an old overgrown orchard prolific with deer and turkey etc as well as a small fresh spring area far from the house. There are no ponds or other water areas nearby. There are corn fields and other wooded areas around our 18 acres.
Signature: Cathleen


Dear Cathleen,
This large insect is not a beetle, but rather an aquatic True Bug known as a Toe-Biter because of the alleged frequency with which fresh water waders are bitten while in the water.  Though the bite of the Toe-Biter is alleged to be quite painful, and though we probably have over 100 images of Toe-Biters on our site, we cannot recall a single instance of a person reporting being bitten.  Toe-Biters can also fly quite well and they are attracted to electric lights, hence another common name Electric Light Bug.


Thank you very much for the identity of my midnight crawler. It is greatly appreciated and I am truly thankful for your website and expeditious response to my question.
Thank you.
Wardsville, Ontario, Canada

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