Toe-Biter from Canada

Subject: Big Bug out of place?
Location: Charlottetown PEI Canada
January 30, 2016 8:24 pm
Have never seen a large bug like this before (saw it outside on sidewalk of my work building during the summer). I wonder if it might be far from home and wonder how it got to Charlottetown PEI.
Just curious.
Signature: Jenny K


Dear Jenny,
This Giant Water Bug or Toe-Biter is an aquatic predatory True Bug that is able to fly from pond to pond in the event that food runs out or the pond dries out.  Giant Water Bugs are also attracted to lights leading to the common name Electric Light Bug, and that might be the reason you found it near your work.  Though they are not aggressive toward people, Giant Water Bugs are reported to deliver a painful bite if accidentally stepped on by waders and swimmers.  The Toe-Biter is one of our most frequent identification requests.

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  1. We found one of these in Mont Carmel last night (30th June , 2022). Landed on my sons leg so did have the chance to take a picture.


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