Toe-Biter and Giant Ichneumon

2 bugs
The first i assume is a "toe bitter" i have lived in maien my whole life and never seen a bug that big…. heres some photos for you(there were taken on my palm pilot so there not the best)

the second bug i have only seen twice in my life, when i was 6 and noone belived me and jsut a week ago, no photos it however it body is aprox 1 inch from head to tail, look like a hornet, black in color, however it has a 5inch long "stinger" i cant find anythign about it. please help, its like a black hornet with a 5 inch tail. Thanks
Drop me a line when you figure that one out, now that i have foudn yrou website im gonna keep my camera handy for odd lookign bugs 🙂 THANKS for a wonderful service

Hi Tim,
Thanks for the Toe-Biter photo. I know what your second bug is. Here is a photo of a Giant Ichneumon sent in last year. These are wasps, but that five inch long stinger is actually an ovipositor. The female lays her eggs deep inside of a tree trunk and her young are predatory on boring insects, especially sawflies and beetle grubs.

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