Subject:  Large bug found on the road
Geographic location of the bug:  Loleta CA
Date: 11/23/2017
Time: 01:03 PM EDT
My friend found this bug on the road in front of our houses. It had been run over but still able to identify it.  It is a huge bug for our area.
Is this of the Cockroach family?
How you want your letter signed:  darlene

Giant Water Bug

Dear Darlene,
This aquatic predator is a Giant Water Bug, commonly called a Toe-Biter.  It is not related to a Cockroach.

Wow, is that from our area?

They are native to California as well as the rest of North America and many other parts of the world.

Thank you! Good to know these things.It was so big it was just a surprise to see one that big in the road.

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